I initially set up another site called “Mummy ACT” which also has articles and posts about pregnancy that doesn’t end in miscarriage, birth, post-natal recovery and parenting young children. I wanted to set this site up so that someone whose miscarriage journey has yet to take them beyond loss could access what I’ve written about miscarriage without having to access what I’ve written about parenting, as I know from my own experience that reading about babies would have been really hard for me when I had my first two miscarriages particularly. I have still included the Mummy ACT twitter, facebook and instagram account details here though, to allow anyone reading this the choice of whether or not to look at those pages. I’d also be happy to be contacted using the form below if anyone has any feedback or suggestions for resources to include or topics to cover. I’m a mum on maternity leave so my writing progress is slower than I’d like but I’m happy to build a to-do list!

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